We are a two-person documentary video team from the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are interested in the nature of beauty and the way it can be a transformative experience. We want to talk with people involved in the creation of beauty — artists, writers, musicians, photographers and craftspeople (to list a few), as well as philosophers and theologians, and anyone else who is interested in the nature of beauty and the way it can affect their lives.

We want to find out about: where they encounter beauty; what happens when they encounter it; what experiencing beauty can do to, or for them; the idea of mystery associated with beauty; what the “good true beautiful” might mean to them; whether they feel there is a relationship between morality and beauty; whether there is a relationship between God, (or cosmic oneness) and beauty, (we are asking iconographers about the idea of their work a “windows to heaven”); and we are asking about the idea of beauty as a life’s journey.

We are searching for reflections of grace, seeking out the heart and soul of existence wherever we can find it, everywhere in the world.

Even though we began our video-pilgrimage looking for the center of the world in a geographic sense, we soon discovered that the real appeal of the places we have visited lies in the people we have been privileged to meet along the way. We have discovered that the true meaning and beauty of a sacred place is sheltered within the hearts and minds of the people we find there.

We are pleased to offer short video profiles from our travels, sharing interesting, sometimes exotic, often profound and always beautiful glimpses of grace as we have been honored to uncover them in the people we have met along our journey.

We endeavor to maintain high video quality while keeping a low profile. Our footprint is small, which enables us to move into and out of sites easily, so we can talk with the people we meet on the street and in their sacred places with minimal disruption.

Sacred Places

All over the face of the earth there are special places that have called to people of all faiths throughout time. These are the sacred sites that touch us in some meaningful way, where we are able to glimpse into the depth of existence and feel something mysterious and profound.

These sacred places have the power to inspire us, to heal our bodies, and to offer us enlightenment.

Throughout time people have been visiting these sacred places of power. For example, in ancient times The temple of Zeus at Olympia was visited by many pilgrims from all over the Hellenic world. Greek pilgrims also traveled to Delphi, and they also went to consult the oracle of Zeus at Dodona. Even Alexander the Great traveled to the Libyan desert to consult the oracle of Ammun, and many Greeks also traveled to worship at the shrine of Isis at Philae.

We are going to visit some sacred sites to find out what it is about them that makes them so special, and to see if we can experience their mystery for ourselves. We will take our video cameras along to report on our experiences as we go.