Call to Mission


Fr Joe talks about how he was called to the Mission San Juan Capistrano.

The Chasuble


Fr Joe talks about how we stand on the shoulders of those who come before.

La Purisima Mission, California


La Purisima Mission was founded in 1787 as the eleventh mission of the twenty-one Spanish Missions established in what later became the state of California. It is the most extensively restored mission in the state, rebuilt during the Depression era as a public works project. Today it is part of the National Park Service, called […]

A Place of Pilgrimage


The National Shrine of St Francis of Assisi, San Francisco, California

A Quiet Place


In San Francisco among the cafes and restaurants of North Beach there is a special spiritual refuge. The National Shrine of St Francis of Assisi, which welcomes all people, provides a place of beauty, peace and reflection in a hectic city. A film by John Dickerman

California Mission Series Planned


Our interest in the California Missions began with our residence in California, where anyone who travels along El Camino Real from San Diego to Sonoma, is tempted to stop and enjoy a sample of California history by visiting at least one of its twenty-one missions. When we traveled to Assisi and learned more of the […]