A Jain Temple in Mumbai


Amish Seth, of Mumbai Moments, led us through Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji, a Jain Temple in Mumbai, India, where he and his family worship. At the temple he shared the tenets of his faith with us.



In Mumbai, we visited the Tower of Silence, where Parsi Zoroastrian funeral rites are performed. We met with Khojeste Mistree who talked with us about the Zoroastrian religion. Video and Editing by John Dickerman (Note: If you have trouble viewing this video, push play, then click the HD button to “off” )

Hare Krishna


In Mumbai we visited the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, where we were met by two young English-speaking monks from Canada, who guided us around the temple and complex. They generously interpreted the language and the rituals for us, and explained their faith.