Sacred Places

A Quiet Place


In San Francisco among the cafes and restaurants of North Beach there is a special spiritual refuge. The National Shrine of St Francis of Assisi, which welcomes all people, provides a place of beauty, peace and reflection in a hectic city. A film by John Dickerman

A Jain Temple in Mumbai


Amish Seth, of Mumbai Moments, led us through Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji, a Jain Temple in Mumbai, India, where he and his family worship. At the temple he shared the tenets of his faith with us.

Father Theodor, Assisi, Italy


At the Piazza di San Francesco Sacred Convent in Assisi, we visited with Father Theodor from Denmark, who is responsible for the lower Basilica.



In Mumbai, we visited the Tower of Silence, where Parsi Zoroastrian funeral rites are performed. We met with Khojeste Mistree who talked with us about the Zoroastrian religion. Video and Editing by John Dickerman (Note: If you have trouble viewing this video, push play, then click the HD button to “off” )

St. Anthony’s Guest House, Assisi, Italy


In Assisi we met Sister Suzanne Morissette, of the Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement, at St. Anthony’s Guest House.

Hare Krishna


In Mumbai we visited the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, where we were met by two young English-speaking monks from Canada, who guided us around the temple and complex. They generously interpreted the language and the rituals for us, and explained their faith.

Musician at the Basilica di Santa Chiara, Assisi


On our recent trip to Assisi we met Caris Arkin, a gifted musician who was singing at the fountain outside St. Clare’s Basilica. We talked with him about his music and his faith, and how the model of St. Francis has influenced his life.

The Greek Orthodox Church


In Athens we spoke with a devout member of the Greek Orthodox Church, who shared her feelings about her faith with us.

The Delphi Poet


This Poet talks about his spiritual and mystical experiences at Delphi, Greece. When he was 18 years old he wrote the poem he shares with us on this video, accompanied by beautiful footage of the ruins at Delphi.

St Catherine’s Church in Athens, Greece


St. Catherine’s Church (Agia Aikaterini) is small church with a beautiful sunken garden located in a central area of Athens. Greek ruins accent this garden illustrating how churches have been built on ancient temples throughout Greece.

St. Luke Monastery near Delphi, Greece


St. Luke Monastery (or Hosios Loukas — Ὅσιος Λουκᾶς), near the town of Distomo, in Boeotia, Greece, was built in the Byzantine era on the ruins of an ancient temple.

Abu al-abbas al Mursi Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt


This is the largest and most important mosque in all of Egypt. It is located on the harbor of Alexandria and is a stopping point for pilgrims on their way to Mecca.

St Mark’s Coptic Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt


St. Catherine’s Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt




The last stop on or pilgrimage to find the Soul of the World was Singapore. By this time we were dragging; we had been traveling for nearly a month. We had visited seven cities with about three religious sites per city. Of course, between visits, our days at sea were relaxing and even luxurious, with […]

Malasia: Kuala Lumpur


Our wonderfully organized and efficient  guide to Kuala Lumpur, Diana Lee Geok Chin, escorted us to see some amazing sights in this capital city of Malaysia. Along with  fellow guides Lee Choo Sim, who served as a fluent translator as well as a learned interpretor of religious customs and beliefs, and Teh Lai Chin, who […]