Southeast Asia

Music at a Hindu Temple


Family blessing at Sri Sundarajah Perumal Temple, Kuala Lumpur.

Visiting a Buddhist Temple in Penang


This traditional Quan Yin temple is on the Street of Harmony in Penang, Malaysia.



The last stop on or pilgrimage to find the Soul of the World was Singapore. By this time we were dragging; we had been traveling for nearly a month. We had visited seven cities with about three religious sites per city. Of course, between visits, our days at sea were relaxing and even luxurious, with […]

Malasia: Kuala Lumpur


Our wonderfully organized and efficient¬† guide to Kuala Lumpur, Diana Lee Geok Chin, escorted us to see some amazing sights in this capital city of Malaysia. Along with¬† fellow guides Lee Choo Sim, who served as a fluent translator as well as a learned interpretor of religious customs and beliefs, and Teh Lai Chin, who […]