A Cancer Journey

Father Joe Scerbo shares his cancer journey.

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  1. Barbara says:

    A vessal full of Grace…

    Please say hello to Father Joe for me. St. Francis is my hero too. That a man like Fr Joe could walk such a path from “dread” to good hot tears of emotion and faith is a perfect example to follow.

    Thanks, and please thank Father Joe for such a wonderful sharing of his life. Well done all of you!


  2. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    I’m sure Fr. Joe will see your comments here, thanks Barbara. I think he’s a saint, and a wonderful model for us all. (We are talking about doing a Meaning in Suffering project together.) XX

  3. Katherine says:


  4. connie says:

    Father Joe changed my life when I heard him speak and talked with him after the session at St. Timothy’s in Laguna Niguel. U am truly blessed. My tears are there…as he has touched my life. God Bless.

  5. simone weber says:

    Dear Faher Joe
    I am so thankful to have witness your testimony you are so
    human, so sincere, and so loving. Padre Joe grazie di tutto.

    Con Tanto Affetto


  6. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Fr. Joe has touched so many lives. He is an inspiration to us all!

  7. Joan Bennett says:

    Fr. Joe has blessed our lives with his love, caring, fantastic Masses & sermons & giving of the deep meaning of the Holy Euchcarist to all of us here at St. Paschal Baylon Parash here in Thousand Oaks, CA. He came here several years ago to write his book on Padre Serra. What a gift God gave to all of us here to bring the presence of this holy man into our lives. And he is still so active in every way here. He looks great, acts great, always has a smile & a loving word. May God continue to strengthen him in his journey. Our continued prayer is for a miracle, please dear God.

  8. Alexandra Dickerman says:


  9. Nancy Grasmehr says:

    Dear Father Joe: Tomorrow May 17th is the feast day of St. Paschal Baylon and we will offer our prayers for you especially on this day, which is also my birthday. Must be why we moved here! Love, Peace and Joy always. Nancy and Tom

  10. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Marsha (Schwartze) Cook says:

    Dearest Fr. Joe,

    It has been several years since I saw you last. Even so, you have never left my thoughts. Your kindness to me and my family, as well as the animals and community of San Juan Capistrano will long be remembered and valued. You are forever in my prayers and I know that God will keep you close to him and use your love and goodness for higher purposes than anyone can even imagine.

    I know that I will see you again.

    My blessings, thanks and love,

    Marsha (Schwartze) Cook

  12. Anita Rice says:

    Thank you, Father Joe, for your love, your call to bind yourself to the God of grace and mercy, and to walk with Him all the days of your life. I loved my days at Trinity, and you always brought life and love to each of your students. Thank you so much for your gracious, kind input in my life. With much love always, Anita.

  13. Robbi Moore says:

    Stunning, a powerful insight of the humanity of our beloved Fr. Joe. I now know…that I lived The Binding Prayer. I did not know then (12 yrs ago) that I was binding all the goodness of my son’s 21 yrs of milestones, all our masses together, all the saints prayers, for my peace of mind, for Christ’s help. Fr. Joe shared the promises of Christ! Thank you Fr. Scerbo for your journey, you have empowered me, to continue on the road less traveled. You are Blessed.

    Robbi Moore
    Mission Basilica

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