A Life of Faith

Fr Joe talks about Gods love and a life of faith.

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  1. Julie Christensen says:

    Fr. Joe-
    Thank you for sharing your sacred and most personal journey with us all! Your words are bringing comfort and insight to your people. We are all blessed by your presence in our lives. May Gods blessings and protection continue to surround you and your holy work.
    Julie Christensen

  2. Devi Tong says:

    Dear Fr. Joe,
    I look forward to your words of support and comfort. Thank you for reminding me about the strength of love and my role in sharing it.
    Devi Tong

  3. Amy Luskey-Barth says:

    Dear Fr. Joe,
    I was a student at Trinity while you were there. I consider you a true sage. Thank you for this profound gift – sharing your Cancer Journey with us. You are indeed a vessel and your faith, authenticity, and courage will continue to inspire me through out the rest of my life. You are not alone. You are loved by so many. May you find comfort in that. I pray for a peaceful passage.
    In gratitude and with love,

  4. Mary Tesoro says:

    Father Joe,
    You have the gift of teaching love…
    You teach of the light shining in dark places, thank you…
    By your faith you teach us love,by our faith we learn…Thank you…
    I’m sure God is saying of you and to you, This is my son whom I love; with
    him I am well pleased…I found this prayer starter which you probably already
    know. I found it quite beautiful… O Divine Eternal Father, in union with your
    Divine Son, and the Holy Spirit, and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    we thank you for Father Joe…
    Gods Arms around You…
    Mary Tesoro…

  5. Shelley says:

    Dear Fr. Joe,
    You are truly a beacon of courage and inspiration. The light of God shines through your
    entire being. Thank you for selflessly sharing your journey with us and giving us a glimmer of the love that awaits us. May the peace of our Lord be with you.

  6. Elizabeth P. says:

    Dear Fr. Joe,
    I have relished these videos, watching and listening to you, just relished them. I feel your soul in and through them, your patient, healing, loving soul, and I have shared them with some of the people I work with, as we take care of oncology patients. Since knowing of you in 1997, and knowing you through my brother, through our many long distance talks over all these years, it has been such a privilege to hear your perspective and to see your patience, generosity, love, and honesty in action, to see the loving ripples it creates. It warms my heart deeply to know you, to have the memories of talking with you and spending time with you, and to see the gorgeous nativity scene that you gave me on my mantle, now with white twinkling lights around it. You have been such a light, and a twinkling light!, for so many of us, for Ray, for me. How very fortunate we all are to know you, to feel a divine presence and perspective in you. Thank you for all of that love! Know that it all comes right back to you. I put my warm arms on your forehead and your back, and I hold your hand in spirit, in the most important way. I know you know this, but I wanted to tell you it again after watching your video. I cherish these, I cherish you. With deep respect, gratitude for all you have done, affection, love, and awe, Yours, Elizabeth

  7. Josie Panin says:

    Dear Father Joe, three simple words come to mind as I listen with great awe, wonder and love for all that you are: TI VOGLIO BENE. Holding you in my heart and keeping you in my prayers. With much fondness, Josie

  8. Sue Garns says:

    Dear Fr. Joe: I was a student of yours at Trinity and then worked under you as a Faculty Member. You have been such an inspiration to me. It has been such a joy to find you on the internet. Your gift of teaching blessed so much in the past and I’m thrilled to again be able to enjoy it through these videos. Thank you for sharing your heart’s journey with your grave illness. You are often in my prayers. I’m sending you my love with this email message. God bless you.

  9. Carole Wimberg Cadora says:

    Thank you, thank you Farther Joe. God’s love is gleaming, glistening and glowing through you.

    (So appreciate the long chats we had during our old mission days at SJC. How you would share those symbols enthusiastically with me and our mission kids. How you just became one with all you shared your stories with! How you beamed God’s love.
    Sooo cool. Still see the S. Filadelphia’s at St Ed’s and our Women of Wisdom group is ongoing…echoing often your teachings…ongoing!)

    Want to help, would LOVE to help run errands or do anything that you might need. Am close by in Dana Point.

  10. Dave C. says:

    Reflectinf wit Fr. Joe,

    As now you know, at first the news of yourv physical death, invited a deeep unrequited loving loss in sadness aqnd heart pain. When sharing this with Jennifer and remebering our plans with you to provide a special blessing on our marital relationship on our next Cinco de Mya anniversary, she simply stated, “3et’s pray”. As I am continuing through my tears in the here-and-now and latter meditating in the Adoration Chapel that is signifcantly situated below or under your living space, the visalization of your heartfelt smile that you give and in the multitude of endless smiles that you receive, momentarily disolves my painful grief with this touch of “joy” as part of your legacy. It is through your words like “Create in me a clean heart, brushed free of frantic business, so that will have time to listen to you in the listening space of silence and solitude,” that this process may continue. With further reflections on our special collaborative times together, especially in the ‘sacred space’ located at the entrace to the Adoration Chapel and the carved in stone with St. Francis’s blessing you often gave us, I resolve to often pause to reflect on your legacy and the carved words, “Lord close the doora you do not want opened – Lord open all the doors you don’t want closed – Lead me to the Center of your perfect will.” I’m aware that you might now highlight the grace of syncronicity during this period of Lent as we recall the suffering and death of the Cross and the Joy of the Resurection with “I entrust you all to Mary, the beautiful Virgin Mother of God, whom Jesus, as He was hanging on the cross for love of us, gave us to be our mother also” and inviting us all to be our best versions of ourselves as true carriers of god’s love in the world.”
    What a wonderful blessing, as part of your legacy you left us with video teachings here, your schorly writings as well as the “always forward” movie and other primers in the life and legacy of Blessed Junipero Serra. We look forward to your future publication (especially, your Memoirs).
    Pax et Bonum,
    Dr. Dave with Jennifer

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