A Scrapbook from Symi

Snapshots from the island of Symi, Greece

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  1. Barbara Lindstrom says:


    What a lovely, poignant piece. Land of your ancestors. OMG!! It’s just beautiful. And, this is an island gem I really was not familiar with at all. So many churches for such a small island; they all must be there for a reason. It just seemed idyllic and mysterious, in a way.

    We look forward to the next video.

    Barbara and Donald

  2. Tyrell says:

    Wonderful Alex and John. Thanks for the glimpses of beautiful Symi, especially Granny’s stairs (and the goats :).

  3. Arlene Finn says:

    Dear Alex, This presentation was so magnificent!!! Fabulously beautiful and relaxing scenes, and super, poignant, informative narration! What a joyful experience. I have been to most of the places you have shared with us, and while I enjoy “reminiscing”, I loved “visiting” and learning about a new place where I have never been. And especially one that is so meaningful and central to your family history. Makes me want to jump on a plane! Thanks so much for the great trip!! Keep up the great work!!! Love, Arlene

  4. Jane Allewelt says:

    Thanks for sharing your picturesque adventure to Symi, the setting by the Cerulian Blue Meditarraiian, is beautiful. I liked the nanny goat and her kid, it brings back memories of my chilhood, when I visited my Aunt Matilde’s farm, in Taos.



  5. Carol Devore says:

    Alex, I can picture you hiking up all those stairs just like your grandmother. It must feel as if you have gone back in time. It will be a very special Easter for you both to be there.

  6. Bob Kuchem says:

    Fantastic. The colors are so cheery and inviting that it’s hard to believe your Granny ever would have wanted to leave the place.

  7. aleximou says:

    Thanks Bob, we are finding it to be a rich and rewarding — if demanding, pilgrimage experience. We are on Patmos now, where it is just the start of Greek Orthodox Holy Week.

    Please give your new baby a hug from us. Happy Easter to all!

    Alex and John

  8. aleximou says:

    Hi Carol, thanks for watching. We have had some fabulous meals — boiled dandelion greens and lots of fresh fish. I am trying to find some recipes for you!

  9. aleximou says:

    HI Jane, this is the start of Holy Week in Greece, and we hope to capture all we can on video. I hope you are well! XX

  10. aleximou says:

    Thanks so much for your generous comments Arlene. It has been a rich experience for us, with the people, the landscapes, the history and the stories. Thanks for watching our blogs! Love, Alex

  11. aleximou says:

    HI Tyrell, I am not so certain that was the right monastery; I am unclear about some of the details of the family history, but it was still moving to see Symi. It’s quaint and charming. We are in Patmos now and I can actually imagine living here. XX

  12. aleximou says:

    Thanks for following our blogs, and for your always-supportive comments Barbara! We feel so lucky to have this chance to visit the Greek Islands and capture a bit of it. We are on Patmos now, hoping to shoot glimpses of Greek Easter. XX

  13. How lovely. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. A blessed Easter to you and John! Vanessa

  14. liz says:

    Dear Alex and John,
    Breathtaking. Such a wonder to have the connection with the past and share your stories with us. Finally got your goat. love,

  15. Judy Froemke says:

    What a remarkable journey you are having. The research you have done is so impressive. Your words and the accompanying videos are wonderfully descriptive and beautiful. Thank you.

  16. aleximou says:

    HI Judy, Happy Easter! We are finding our pilgrimage to be a rich, meaningful, maybe even pivotal experience in our lives.
    How is your new house coming; are you moved in yet? (We want updates.)
    Sending much love,
    Alex and John

  17. aleximou says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Happy Easter!
    It’s just Palm Sunday here — long lent for us, and nobody eats meat for the duration. There were fabulous, ornate palm crosses at the Orthodox service (which was 3 hours!) this morning, and the communion bread was one big loaf torn into pieces. The service is very ornate, very Byzantine. (Did you know the rites are reciprocal with the Episcopal Church?)
    We send love to all,
    Alex and John

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