Evangelos Tsoubris

Evangelos is a micro relief icon carver from Athens, Greece.

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  1. Jane Allewelt says:

    Evangelos is keeping an important and beautiful form of religious art alive in his carvings of religious subjects. In this age of get rich fast, doing mass production of religious objects, this artist is putting all his heart into his works. In the end his faithfulness is satisfying to him and to all who appreciate fine workmanship.


  2. Marlene says:

    There is something about sculpture and bas relief that really speaks to me, and this is no exception. It seems incredible that this artist can create so much beauty in such small spaces. Some of his pieces literally took my breath away.

  3. Barbara Lindstrom says:

    Ditto….how he is so casual about such skill is humbling. It’s almost like he’s speaking as one of his small icons. Thanks Alex and John for bringing a world I would not have seen otherwise.

    Best, Barbara

  4. Alex says:

    These artists are especially compelling, I think, not only because of their beautiful work, but because of their passion for what they do.

    (Our next video shows a different perspective on icon-painting. Stay tuned!)

    Thanks for watching, and for your generous comments!

  5. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    His works are like little jewels, beautiful, with exquisite details. (Plus, he’s a charmer.)

  6. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    I think he could have been a brain surgeon, with such a capacity for fine work and such an eye to detail. It’s inspiring to run into a genius – and we were so fortunate to run into quite a few!

  7. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    We were inspired and impressed by these artists, who have been keeping their craft alive since the Byzantine era!

  8. Carol Devore says:

    It was fascinating to listen to him describe his work and his passion for it was clear. I was intrigued by the detail of his artistry.

  9. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    As we were leaving, he gave me the little icon he was working on! It’s a prized possession. We have two more interviews with iconographers coming up. They each have different feelings about their work – both are fascinating.

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