Ginnie’s Garden

Ginnie Maloney is a busy, active gardener with a beautiful yard.

4 Responses to “Ginnie’s Garden”

  1. Judy Froemke says:

    What a beautiful garden is Ginnie’s. It’s beneficial in so many ways not only to Ginnie but, thanks to Ginnie, also beneficial to many others…including bees. Very nice photography.

  2. Jane Allewelt says:

    Ginnes garden is organized so that the plants are outstanding and complement the overall layout. Vary pleasing to see all the plants given a stage of their own. I agree with Ginnie that a garden is very rewarding, and keeps a gardener busy all year round. I enjoyed seeing this garden very much.

  3. Don Schaefer says:

    Beautiful! I love this series!

  4. aleximou says:

    Thanks for the kind and encouraging feedback! XX

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