Going Inward

Fr Joe discusses beauty and going inward.

5 Responses to “Going Inward”

  1. Claudia Eaton says:

    This amazing man has changed my life. I go deep inside myself because of two people: My father, Reverend David Eaton and Father Joe Scerbo. Father Joe saved me after I lost my Dad. Bless you for posting these “mini sermons!”

  2. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks so much for your comment, and for watching our little videos. I think Fr. Joe has touched many of our lives —what an extrordinary man!

  3. Shelley Petrelli says:

    Father Joe has touched my soul so many times with his beautiful and uplifting messages. His words bring joy and strength of faith to me and anyone who hears him speak. I have been fortunate to be a member of St. Pascal Baylon and hear some of these touching messages at mass. Thank you Alexandra for memorializing his messages so beautifully for us to appreciate again and again.

  4. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    We have felt privileged to be able to share Fr. Joe’s messages of faith, hope and love — and to share his essential wisdom and goodness. Thank you for watching and for your generous and kind words!

  5. barbara lindstrom says:

    So true. Thank you for my morning inspiration!

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