Image, a Journal of Art and Religion, with Gregory Wolfe, Editor

An introduction to Image Journal with Gregory Wolfe, founder and editor, who discusses its focus on art, faith and mystery. (The Image Journal website for further information is:

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  1. Jane Allewelt says:

    the religious wars are the most damaging to the belief in GOD, as the Muslims are in a rampage all over the world, Mohammad. THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD ARE TO FIRST LOVE GOD, THEN YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. IF THEY ARE SO RELIGIOUS, WHY ARE THEY BREAKING GOD’S COMMANDMENTS?


  2. JANE ALLEWELT says:

    The subject discussed is an excellent,very appropriate for everyone, who is seeking to find GOD. In our present age, of secularizim and ‘dog eat dog’, it is a struggle. Take the example of the Muslums in trying to defend the good name of the lprofit Mohammad

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