St Francis Statue

Fr Joe talks about the prayers of St Francis.

4 Responses to “St Francis Statue”

  1. Barbara Lindstrom says:

    What a roadmap to the spirit! GPS for the soul!

    A tear rolls down. Out of the clouds of my jumbled thoughts, Fr. Joe leads the way following the path of St. Frances, another hero of mine! What a vital, refreshing spirit is Fr. Joe.

    As always, a huge thank you!


  2. Thanks Barbara, for watching and for sending your comments. I know anyone who sees this will agree with you, and joins you in your tears.

  3. FRiar Joe Scerbo SA says:

    How delightful it felt for me to see that what I shared brought a tear to someone’s soul. We are cushioned by Love Eternal and in our struggles we will find our gift.

  4. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks Fr. Joe, for sharing your wisdom, your spirit, your faith and your love with us all. You are a true blessing and we are praying for you!

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