The Poetry of Dana Gioia

Poet Dana Gioia reads his poem, California Hills in August, from his book Daily Horoscope.

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  1. Tyrell says:

    Really nice. Thanks.

  2. I loved the poem, but yearned for more on the wonders of the California summer. For me, moving from the Midwest, the tactile things were the heat of the sun on one’s back, the crinkle of the dry grass underfoot, the smell of the smell of the trees and how far one could see.

  3. Jane Allewelt says:

    I remember the 7 years of drought we survived in the 1970’s, how we prayed for rain. I can well imagine how a person comming from a lush green landscape would not find any redeming value to the CALIFORNIA GOLD THAT WE HAVE LEARNED TO LOVE.


  4. Carol Susan says:

    I, too, learned to appreciate the dry CA he speaks of and to see its subtleties. Yet there must be much of my original landscape in me, because the return to green and water, year-round in Seattle, has much of a homecoming about it.

  5. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    He’s the best. I hope to run a couple more poems of his soon.

  6. Bob K says:

    Great! His manner of describing the land reminded me of Robert Frost.

  7. Mary W. says:

    I remember my husband and I were surprised at the yellow gold hills in summer when we moved here from the midwest, where we were used to green in summer. I thought the yellow gold was beautiful then, though, and I still do. Thanks for this poem. I’d love to hear more poetry.

  8. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Hi Mary, we have three more of his wonderful poems on tape (?) and we hope to be able to upload them in the near future. Thanks so much for watching, and for your comments!

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