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The Robbery


Fr Joe tells about being robbed in New York City and embracing our pain.

Lame Duck


Fr Joe talks about a lame duck that he met on the beach.

Statue at the Mission


Fr Joe talks about a statue that was found discarded in the woods and was brought back as a centerpiece at San Juan Capistrano.



Fr Joe discusses the importance of sanctuary

The Surfer Story


Fr Joe talks about surfing, the soul, and the power of imagination.

The Beauty of Creation


Fr Joe talks about the beauty of creation in a hollyhock which was Fr Serra’s favorite flower.

St Francis Statue


Fr Joe talks about the prayers of St Francis.

The Chasuble


Fr Joe talks about how we stand on the shoulders of those who come before.

The Gift of Suffering


Fr. Joe shares his humanity—his courage and his faith, as he tells us about the gift he is able to find in his battle with cancer.

Living in a Task Garden


Fr Joe talks about how the beauty he finds in the world can be a source of healing and hope.

A Cancer Journey


Father Joe Scerbo shares his cancer journey.

Beauty – The Journey (10)


Experiencing beauty calls us further into itself, and it leads us deeper into love and gratitude and a sense of meaning in our lives; we need to reclaim it.

Beauty – A Sense of Place (9)


Beauty is related to our capacity to perceive it through our senses; we can find it wherever we are, if we pay attention.

Beauty in Brokenness (8)


Beauty can often be disturbing and challenging.

Beauty and Perfection (7)


Beauty is not always pretty; perfection can be superficial. We need look more deeply to find true beauty.

Beauty and Darkness (6)


Beauty can be disturbing, and it is not always associated with morality. But the way we live —our life itself— can become a path to beauty.

Beauty Awakens Us (5)


This segment of Beauty – Exploring the Mystery studies the way beauty can awaken us and enrich our lives.

Beauty-Pleasure (4)


This segment of Beauty-Exploring the Mystery looks at the way pleasure is related to our experience of beauty. It also explores the idea of beauty and transcendence.

Beauty-Affects Us (3)


An exploration into the way beauty affects us. The third segment in the Beauty series.

Good, True, Beautiful


Father Joseph M. Scerbo, S.A., Ph.D., talks about the nature of beauty and how experiencing it gives us a vivid sense of the presence of something good and true in the world.

Beauty, Silence and Finding Home


A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela

Fr, Joe Scerbo reads his favorite quote from Nelson Mandela.