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Bishop’s Keynote


Bishop Marc’s address to the fall meeting of the Diocesan Alter Guild.

The Gift of Suffering


Fr. Joe shares his humanity—his courage and his faith, as he tells us about the gift he is able to find in his battle with cancer.

Living in a Task Garden


Fr Joe talks about how the beauty he finds in the world can be a source of healing and hope.

Beauty – The Journey (10)


Experiencing beauty calls us further into itself, and it leads us deeper into love and gratitude and a sense of meaning in our lives; we need to reclaim it.

Beauty – A Sense of Place (9)


Beauty is related to our capacity to perceive it through our senses; we can find it wherever we are, if we pay attention.

Beauty in Brokenness (8)


Beauty can often be disturbing and challenging.

Beauty and Perfection (7)


Beauty is not always pretty; perfection can be superficial. We need look more deeply to find true beauty.

Beauty and Darkness (6)


Beauty can be disturbing, and it is not always associated with morality. But the way we live —our life itself— can become a path to beauty.

Beauty Awakens Us (5)


This segment of Beauty – Exploring the Mystery studies the way beauty can awaken us and enrich our lives.

Beauty-Pleasure (4)


This segment of Beauty-Exploring the Mystery looks at the way pleasure is related to our experience of beauty. It also explores the idea of beauty and transcendence.

Beauty-Affects Us (3)


An exploration into the way beauty affects us. The third segment in the Beauty series.

Heroes of the Imagination Part 3


Arthur Nobile, Jr. talks about the pipe organ, the arts, and creativity in general, as he interprets his thoughts musically.

Nancy Jackson – Weaver, Teacher, Icon Painter


Nancy talks about icon painting and about what inspires her work.

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and her image appeared on his tilma (cloak). This image is on display at Our Lady’s’s basillica in Mexico City. The Virgin of Guadalupe is loved by all of Mexico. This video was filmed on our pilgrimage to Mexico City to honor Her birthday on December 12. […]

Musician at the Basilica di Santa Chiara, Assisi


On our recent trip to Assisi we met Caris Arkin, a gifted musician who was singing at the fountain outside St. Clare’s Basilica. We talked with him about his music and his faith, and how the model of St. Francis has influenced his life.

The Greek Orthodox Church


In Athens we spoke with a devout member of the Greek Orthodox Church, who shared her feelings about her faith with us.

The Delphi Poet


This Poet talks about his spiritual and mystical experiences at Delphi, Greece. When he was 18 years old he wrote the poem he shares with us on this video, accompanied by beautiful footage of the ruins at Delphi.

Abu al-abbas al Mursi Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt


This is the largest and most important mosque in all of Egypt. It is located on the harbor of Alexandria and is a stopping point for pilgrims on their way to Mecca.