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The Mystic Path to Understanding (2)


Around the world wherever conscious beings exist we can find people searching to find a place of oneness or the world’s soul. There seems to be a universal longing for truth, understanding, and reaching a mystical awakening. Mysticism focuses on working to uncover our deep internal reality and reach new experiences of understanding by traveling […]

The Ceremony of the Bound Shaman, and Itara’s own Shamanic Work


Shaman Itara talks about the Ceremony of the Bound Shaman, and her personal shamanic work as well.

Healing Shaman


A meeting with Itara O’connell, healing shaman. ….Enjoy these short excerpts taken from interviews for our upcoming full-length documentary on mysticism. Stay tuned!

Mystical Knowing


Mary Reed, the “Unwitting Mystic” talks about meditation, contemplation, and the experience of embodiment on the path to mystical knowing. ….Enjoy these short excerpts taken from interviews for our upcoming full-length documentary on mysticism. Stay tuned!

Inner Knowing


Lama Palden Drolma discusses the Buddhist mystical path. .. ….Enjoy these short excerpts taken from interviews for our upcoming full-length documentary on mysticism. Stay tuned!

The Mystic Path


Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, Murshida of Sufism Reoriented, talks about the journey of soul.

Attaining Mystical States


Rabbi Aubrey Glazer, of Congregation Beth Shalom, San Francisco, talks about Attaining a Mystical State, in Jewish Mystical Thought.

Mystic Wisdom


Sufi Hadi Paul Reicherz defines mysticism and discusses its relationship with religion.

Sufi Wisdom


Shankina Reinhertz talks about seeing, listening and becoming—the embodiment of the holy in Sufi mystical tradition.

A Life of Faith


Fr Joe talks about Gods love and a life of faith.

Going Inward


Fr Joe discusses beauty and going inward.

The Surfer Story


Fr Joe talks about surfing, the soul, and the power of imagination.

Love Heals


Fr Joe discusses the healing power of love.

Call to Serve


Engaged service will bring a depth of rewards.

Three Human Virtues


Fr. Joe, our friend, died almost a year ago. We are replaying a few of our favorite Fr Joe videos in his memory.

Graced with Light- The Ribbons at Grace Cathedral.


In 2013 Grace Cathedral selected Anne Patterson to be their Artist in Residence. Anne produced a wonderful installation of hundreds of colored ribbons that hung down from the rafters of the cathedral. This is the story of that creation. (34 min.)

God at your Bedside


Fr Joe tells us that when we can no longer speak, God is with us.

Lame Duck


A TRIBUTE TO FR JOE Fr Joe talks about a lame duck that he met on the beach.

Here and Now


Life’s journey is toward the here and the now.



Fr Joe talks about mysticism and contemplation.

Take your Medicine


Fr Joe tells us how to take our medicine.

Reconciliation (Pt2)


Fr Joe talks about reconciliation and conversion.

Reconciliation (Pt1)


Fr Joe talks about a reconciliation service in India.

The Baby Bird


Fr Joe tells the story of a baby bird that fell out of a nest and was stuck in the mud.