Travel into the fourth dimension with Alexandra Dickerman’s meditation/relaxation experiences, with poetry, visualizations, music, and images to lead you along your spiritual journey. (Since these little meditations are meant to be experienced, you may find they are more effective in “full screen” mode – [just hit the little 4-arrow box on the right end of the time line].

3 Responses to “Blessings”

  1. Tyrell says:

    Great Alex.

  2. Geri Hahn says:

    This interlude provided exactly the space I needed for reflection after a particurlary difficult week. Many thanks for the manifestation of your love reaching me across the miles.

  3. aleximou says:

    Thanks so much Geri! Your comments reflect just exactly what I had hoped to be able to accomplish with these little meditations. Some are less polished than others – it’s a preliminary effort – but my heart is in it.

    I hope next week is easier for you.

    Much love,]

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