A Pilgrimage to el santuario de Jesucristo de Esquipulas en Chimayo ā€” the Sanctuary at Chimayo.

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  1. barbara lindstrom says:

    Lovely piece, and much that I did not know about Chimayo.

    Was brought there by chance with a friend who lived in Sante Fe at the time. I had a true religious experience as I approached the alter. Totally unexpected. I highly recommend this place, just as you have.

    Happy New Years! Great way to start off the year!


  2. Thanks Barbara! We had this footage for some time (years) and just around got to clearing the decks so we can go on to new things. May 2015 be wonderful for us all!

  3. Anna says:

    Enjoyed this Alex. Glad you pulled it out of the archives. Thanks.

  4. We have great footage of Medjugorje, too, that we never did anything with. I need to pull myself together and get busy. Thanks for watching!

  5. Jane Allewelt says:

    I remember visiting El Santuario De Chimayo as we were on our way to Taos to visit relatives. Over the years it has become famous because it is a holy pace. The chile is the best from Chimayo my cousins keep me supplied.

    thanks for sharing this great video.


  6. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Hola Juanita! Iā€™m sorry I missed the chili! Maybe next time…

  7. Something very sweet about this place, the people and the land. Thanks

  8. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Funny that some places are like that…

  9. Ada says:

    I have read that this is a sacrade place. Thank you for sharing it .

  10. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks for watching!

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