Icons and Beauty

Father Paul Fromberg, Rector of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, and icon painter, talks about the nature of beauty and how it is reflected in classic iconoraphy.

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  1. Jane Allewelt says:

    I liked the explanation of how an icon is a way of God communacating his love and stating he is always present.

    thank you for sharing all your vidios, you are doing a marvelous work, may God continue to inspire and grant a long healthy life.


  2. barbara lindstrom says:

    Thanks so much!! Very informative. I had no idea of how related the technique of icon painting was to initiating a spiritual journey, both for the painter and the viewer.

    Very much appreciate this as well as Father Fromberg’s comments about the nature of being present. It’s a meditation in itself, the whole video. I agree with Jane…”marvelous work!”


  3. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Muchas gracias por las amables palabras!

  4. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks Barbara, this man is such a good guy — he was fun to get to interview, and I loved editing his video. (And I’m having fun embellishing with special effects, as I am able.) Keep warm and dry!

  5. Judy Froemke says:

    John and Alex — Your special effects were very nice – adding pizazz and sparkle to the images and words.

  6. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    The special effects are like magic tricks, creating a reality of their own. It’s the exciting frontier of video poetry that I hope to be able to create someday!

  7. jim beug says:

    John & Alex –
    I think this is one of my favorites!

  8. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks, Jim. He’s such a good guy, it was a pleasure to meet him and to edit his video. Plus we got to use our box of magic tricks for special effects. We’re about ready to work on our big project on the theology of beauty next.

  9. Carol Susan says:

    I loved visiting this church a few years ago. The icons in the ceiling and the dancing are the most lasting impressions.

  10. The icons may be quirky (by Orthodox standards). But they are wonderful and full of life and joy!

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