The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and her image appeared on his tilma (cloak). This image is on display at Our Lady’s’s basillica in Mexico City. The Virgin of Guadalupe is loved by all of Mexico. This video was filmed on our pilgrimage to Mexico City to honor Her birthday on December 12. Please sign up for our video blog above next to “Join Us!”.

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  1. Jane Allewelt says:

    Thanks for sharing this vidio, the lady tell the story of the Miracle of the roses and the imprint of the Virgin Mary on his cloak, which is still on disply in the Basillica in Mexico distrito Federal.

    I look forward to the recent vidio of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions in Magagorje.Yougoslaavia, or is it called The Balkins?

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