What is Mysticism?

Pamela Desvernie talks about what mysticism means to her and how all things are one from a mystical world view …..

Stay tuned for our full length study of mysticism and the mystic journey.

4 Responses to “What is Mysticism?”

  1. Devi Tong says:

    Pamela speaks of the spark of life being eternal, awakening me to a new concept that I am more than my short lifespan on this earth. It helps explain why I still sense my parents’ essence today. Thank you!

  2. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and your insights Devi. I know Pamela would have a lot to say to you about your experience of your parents’ essence; she is a wonderful person and a dear friend who I hope you can meet one day!

  3. Geoffrey Smith says:

    Pamela; Those words you so eloquently delivered, channeled, will only ever expand; expand in the life that is God. An eternal life of light, in which pure love, is constantly radiating an essence that sustains everything. I love listening to another speak changeless truth, it is inspiring, uplifting, energising, one gets a feeling, a smile, a twinkle in the eye. We are all connected, each part a unique masterpiece, an unlimited potentiality. Thank-you for this wonderful video.

  4. Alexandra Dickerman says:

    Thanks so much for your comments! We all appreciate your encouragement and support. Hope you keep watching!

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