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Religion and Dualism (4)


Human beings by nature tend to practice dualism, by naming and categorizing things into this or that. Even a religion is essentially a way of turning things into this or that. Dualism can lead us into making good or bad determinations, in which one thing is seen as being better than the other. The dualistic […]

How is mysticism different from religion? (3)


Mysticism is an essential element in all religions. However, it can never be the whole content of any religious tradition. This is because religions must be based in a context of history, dogma, and institutions in order to be effective. Religions are a social phenomenon which binds people together in a positive way. However it […]

Mystic Wisdom


Sufi Hadi Paul Reicherz defines mysticism and discusses its relationship with religion.

Bishop’s Keynote


Bishop Marc’s address to the fall meeting of the Diocesan Alter Guild.

Beauty and the Five Senses


A TRIBUTE TO FR JOE Father Joe talks about engaging all the senses in order to fully experience the beauty of creation.

Here and Now


Life’s journey is toward the here and the now.

Living in a Task Garden


Fr Joe talks about how the beauty he finds in the world can be a source of healing and hope.

Beauty Awakens Us (5)


This segment of Beauty – Exploring the Mystery studies the way beauty can awaken us and enrich our lives.

Heroes of the Imagination Part 2


Arthur Nobile, Jr. talks about his music and about the importance of the arts in our lives.

Heroes of the Imagination Part 3


Arthur Nobile, Jr. talks about the pipe organ, the arts, and creativity in general, as he interprets his thoughts musically.

In Homage to the Virgin of Guadalupe


Pilgrims who visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City come from all over Mexico. They make their pilgrimage to the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe as an act of faith, to honor their holy Mother.   When they near the shrine, many walk on their hands and knees into the […]

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego and her image appeared on his tilma (cloak). This image is on display at Our Lady’s’s basillica in Mexico City. The Virgin of Guadalupe is loved by all of Mexico. This video was filmed on our pilgrimage to Mexico City to honor Her birthday on December 12. […]

Abu al-abbas al Mursi Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt


This is the largest and most important mosque in all of Egypt. It is located on the harbor of Alexandria and is a stopping point for pilgrims on their way to Mecca.