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How is mysticism different from religion? (3)


Mysticism is an essential element in all religions. However, it can never be the whole content of any religious tradition. This is because religions must be based in a context of history, dogma, and institutions in order to be effective. Religions are a social phenomenon which binds people together in a positive way. However it […]

Exploring Mysticism (1)


The mystic quest for understanding the human purpose is discussed. Several spiritual leaders talk about their explorations into the mystery of mysticism. People’s spiritual needs have been expressed through the centuries across the essential religious experiences of human kind. Mystics traveling on a mystical journey are found at the center of every single spiritual tradition. […]

The Beauty of Creation


A TRIBUTE TO FR JOE Here is the first of a series of our favorite Fr Joe videos in tribute to his memory.

A Life of Faith


Fr Joe talks about Gods love and a life of faith.

Going Inward


Fr Joe discusses beauty and going inward.

The Surfer Story


Fr Joe talks about surfing, the soul, and the power of imagination.

Call to Mission


Fr Joe talks about how he was called to the Mission San Juan Capistrano.

God at your Bedside


Fr Joe tells us that when we can no longer speak, God is with us.

Beauty and the Five Senses


A TRIBUTE TO FR JOE Father Joe talks about engaging all the senses in order to fully experience the beauty of creation.

Good, True, Beautiful


A TRIBUTE TO FR JOE Maybe this is our favorite Fr Joe video. Enjoy

Here and Now


Life’s journey is toward the here and the now.

A Beauty Workshop


Fr Joe answers the question: “Why to take a Beauty Workshop?” Click the “Class” button at the top of the page for more information on the Beauty Workshop.

The Journey of Faith


Fr Joe tells us about the journey of Faith.

Walking on Water


Fr Joe encourages us to “get out of the boat and walk on the water.”

Reconciliation (Pt2)


Fr Joe talks about reconciliation and conversion.

Reconciliation (Pt1)


Fr Joe talks about a reconciliation service in India.

Statue at the Mission


Fr Joe talks about a statue that was found discarded in the woods and was brought back as a centerpiece at San Juan Capistrano.



Fr Joe discusses the importance of sanctuary

The Chasuble


Fr Joe talks about how we stand on the shoulders of those who come before.

The Gift of Suffering


Fr. Joe shares his humanity—his courage and his faith, as he tells us about the gift he is able to find in his battle with cancer.

Beauty – The Journey (10)


Experiencing beauty calls us further into itself, and it leads us deeper into love and gratitude and a sense of meaning in our lives; we need to reclaim it.

Beauty – A Sense of Place (9)


Beauty is related to our capacity to perceive it through our senses; we can find it wherever we are, if we pay attention.

Beauty in Brokenness (8)


Beauty can often be disturbing and challenging.

Beauty and Perfection (7)


Beauty is not always pretty; perfection can be superficial. We need look more deeply to find true beauty.